Six Starfish Market Employees Honored for 10 Years of Service


(Left to right) Kevin Smith, Doris Bridgewater, Kiesha Rogers, Curtis Connor, store manager Nedra Ephraim and Albert Daniel were recognized by Starfish Market vice president Mike Manion.

Starfish Market’s vice president of operations, Mike Manion, was on St. John recently to bestow honors on six of the supermarket’s employees who have been with the company for at least the past 10 years.

Manion awarded store manager Nedra Ephraim, Albert Daniel, Kiesha Rogers, Doris Bridgewater, Kevin Smith and Curtis Connor 10 Years of Service pins and personal letters of thanks from Starfish Market owner David Mugar on Wednesday morning, February 7.


Starfish Market manager Nedra Ephraim, right, with the company’s vice president of operations Mike Manion.

Dream of Full-service Market
“It is with great pleasure that I formally recognize your service to Starfish Market,” Mugar wrote to Ephraim. “For over 10 years you have served us well. Your positive attitude and thirst for learning makes working with you a pleasure.”

Starfish, which originally opened more than a decade ago at the Boulon Center, has expanded over the years and now boasts one of the largest varieties of products available on Love City.

“When I opened the store in 1995, my dream was to build a full-service supermarket that would provide St. John one-stop-shopping for a wide variety of quality products,” Mugar wrote in the letter. “From the very beginning, you have shown great loyalty and responsibility to make Starfish the best it can be. With the expansion of the new Starfish at The Marketplace five years later in June 2000, you continued to pull together to set an example for others and be a team player.”


Mike Manion presents Kiesha Rogers with a special letter and pin from Starfish Market owner David Mugar.

Still Happy after All Those Years
“Thank you for your hard work and dedication,” the Starfish owner continued. “It is the people of Starfish Market that make it a very special place.”

Mugar’s thanks was appreciated by Starfish’s dedicated employees, who all expressed continued pleasure with their jobs after 10 years of being on the job.

“I just love to be here,” said Daniel. “The people around here are so good — the customers and the employees.”

“We’re one big happy family,” agreed Connor.

“I love my job,” added Bridgewater.