SJCCC Thanks Picnic for Peace Supporters

The St. John Community Crisis Center and organizer Catikawa Richardson would like to give many thanks to her fellow staff and also those individuals who helped to make our (rain date) MLK Picnic for Peace on St. John a success. We would especially like to thank the children who gave us much joy and reminded us of the true meaning of our work.
Many thanks to:

– AARP for serving food and sharing their wisdom

– Annie Highman for face painting (for five hours!)

– Craig Barshinger for his positive attitude and support throughout

– Feba “Iroy” Reid and Johnny Blacks for hauling tables and chairs twice

– George Silcott from DVSAC and CMCA for playing with the kids all day long

– Hamlet and Kyle for their positive support and labor

– Housing Parks and Recreation for being easy to deal with

– Inner Visions for hanging tough and playing great reggae music

– Julius E. Sprauve School for being supportive always

– Kurt Monsanto (for waiting around with the water)

– Leslie Smith for helping guide the success

– Ms. Harley and The Love City Leapers for their dazzling showcase of talent

– Nathan from the Boy Scouts for his dedication

– Joel and other parents for participating in children’s games all day

– Pan Dragons for trying their best to be there

– Pastor Sampson for his spiritual guidance and support throughout

– Public Works (for helping keep it clean)

– Riise Lafranque representing from the Delegate to Congress Office for helping with setting up and participating

– Starfish Market  

– The St. John Community Foundation for offering their games (even though the termites got them first!)

– The St. John Rotary (especially Ms. Joan Birmingham) for support throughout

– St. Ursula’s Senior Citizen’s Multipurpose Center (including Mr. Scipio and staff)

– St. John Tradewinds for donating advertising and support throughout

– WAPA (especially John for coming through)

– Danny and Mickey for building the meter base.

To any of you we have forgotten, we apologize. Please know that your help and efforts are truly appreciated!

Catikawa Richardson