Social Security Benefit Recipient Stipend Round 2 Payments

Office of Management and Budget Director Jenifer C. O’Neal (file photo)

Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Director Jenifer C. O’Neal thanks the community for their cooperation during the in-person registration drives held recently for those Social Security Benefit recipients who did not receive a stipend check during the first distribution last November 2022. The in-person events were to assist those recipients who may not have had access to electronically submit their registration for review.

Since the Go-Live date of June 5, more than 800 cases have been received, with 500 already approved to be submitted this week to the Department of Finance for processing.

While the in-person registration period has concluded, the portal will be available until July 7.

Benefit recipients may complete the registration process by visiting The following documents are required to be uploaded:

  • USVI Photo Identification which shows your full legal name, i.e., driver’s license, local government issued ID card, Senior Citizen ID card or Voters Registration card
  • Social Security Card
  • Copy of monthly social security payment statement or IRS Form SSA-1099 showing Social Security benefits prior to Oct. 1, 2022
  • Complete current mailing address (must be a Virgin Islands address) The community’s patience is appreciated as efforts are made to duly review and promptly navigate the process.

Please continue to monitor local news and media platforms or visit the agency’s website at for updates. Recipients do not need to visit the OMB offices to provide any information.

Inquiries may be forwarded via email