St. Croix District Is Not Getting Its Fair Share

Mary Moorhead appearing before the V.I. Legislature on July 11, 2016. (V.I. Legislature photo by Barry Leerdam)
Mary Moorhead (V.I. Legislature photo by Barry Leerdam)

Senators of the 33rd Legislature:

It is way past time that the unfair treatment of the District of St. Croix cease.

St. Thomas-St. John is one district, and shall be treated as such, even though they are two separate islands. Government agencies have created a pattern of treating St. John as a separate district which gives the St. Thomas-St. John district additional (double) consideration in every issue.

The recreational Cannabis Bill plans for 11 dispensaries for the district of St. Thomas-St. John, and four for St. Croix. St. Thomas-St. John joined cannot equal the square footage of the island of St. Croix, nor can either Island equal the square footage of Christiansted or Frederiksted individually, but the District of St. Thomas-St. John will have more than double the dispensaries of St. Croix. That is totally ridiculous and cannot happen if the senators elected to represent St. Croix are accountable.

Thank you, Mary L. Moorhead