St. Croix Man Presents Stolen Check at Bank Drive-Thru

A St. Croix man presented a stolen check at Banco Popular’s drive-thru, the V.I. Police Department reported.

A complaint was issued by the Banco Popular in Sunny Isles on St. Croix. The investigation revealed that 22-year-old Gabriel St. Kitts went through the drive-thru at Banco Popular in Sunny Isles and he presented a stolen check in the amount of $1,425, where the business owner’s signature was forged, according to the police report.

St. Kitts was transported to the Police Operation Building, where he was placed under arrest and advised of his Miranda Rights, which he refused to sign and invoked. Subsequently, St. Kitts was booked and charged with forgery, obtaining money by false pretenses, grand larceny, and buying, receiving or possessing stolen property, the police report stated.

Unable to post bail in the amount of $20,000, St. Kitts was remanded to John A. Bell Adult Correctional Facility pending his advice of rights hearing.