St. John Cabinets and Interiors Expanding Showroom, Selection


Debbie Grammer of St. John Cabinets and Interiors will be expanding her business at the former Artists’ Association of St. John space at The Marketplace.

Anyone building or remodeling a home should keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming opening of the new expanded St. John Cabinets and Interiors showroom on the second floor of The Marketplace.

Owned by Debbie Grammer, the shop is relocating to the space formerly occupied by the Artists’ Association of St. John.

Although Grammer will take over the new space in May, she expects to spend about two months organizing.

“I’ll have many kitchens and bathrooms set up up on display with appliances and everything,” said Grammer. “I’ll take over the new place on May 1, but it’s going to take me a month or two to get things shipped in and set up. Then I’m planning a big grand opening.”

“Fun Little Hobby”
Grammer, who used to own the Mail Center with her husband John, first got into the cabinetry business as a way to channel her creative energy.

“When I started this business about a little over two years ago, I just thought it was going to be a fun little hobby and give me something to do to use my creativity,” Grammer said. “But it’s turning into a major going concern between St. Thomas and St. John.”

The St. John Cabinets owner has watched her business ex-pand exponentially over the past two years, with no end in sight.
“I just thought it would be fun to do a kitchen or two a month, but I’m doing 10 to 20 at this point,” said Grammer. “The word is out about me on St. Thomas. I’m getting referrals left and right.”

The new Marketplace space will allow Grammer to expand her offerings, which is sure to delight her clients.

High End to Modestly Priced Goods
“I’m going to have five different brands of cabinetry to choose from,” Grammer said. “I’ll have everything from a very modestly priced line called Olde South, which is a do-it-yourself kind of line, to a very high end line called Crystal Fine Cabinetry.”

St. John Cabinets will also offer Bruce Cabinetry, both their Craft Made and Venezia brands, Grammer added.

“Certainly there will be something for everyone,” she said. “I’ll also be getting in pots and pans and everything that goes along with cooking like cutlery and different things like that. I’ll also have several grades of cookware to choose from as well.”

In addition to the expanded merchandise available at St. John Cabinets, Grammer will continue to work on full-scale remodels, kitchen renovations and custom cabinetry projects.

Capable of Work on Any Scale
“I work on all types of projects and I have a great crew,” said Grammer. “Sometimes we need two guys and sometimes we need 10, and I have the capability to do any scale of work. We can match whatever the customers need.”

St. John Cabinets can also address clients’ counter top needs, Grammer explained.

“I’m going to have Avonite, which is a solid-surface counter top,” she said. “We have a fellow who works with us named Larry Randall. He’s been doing solid-surfaces for 25 years, so he’s a master.”

Grammer will be partnering with Distinctive Decor Group owner Cheryl “CJ” Johnson, who will be opening her home-needs store where St. John Cabinets is currently located. The two shops will be connected, allowing clients to flow from one space to the other and find everything from Italian moulding to cabinets.

Perfect Collaboration
“With the years of knowledge that I have and what CJ has under her belt, we’re going to have all the bases covered,” said Grammer. “CJ is very knowledgeable of all aspects of what she is doing. People can rest assured we know what we’re talking about and we’ll just try to make their home as beautiful as they want.”

Grammer is looking forward to collaborating with a like-minded creative professional.

“CJ and I work really well together and we’re both creative gals,” Grammer said. “It’s really nice to work with someone who you can bounce ideas off of and they know exactly the path that you are taking. We really help each other with that.”

For more information call St. John Cabinets at 776-5252.