Stranded Couple Robbed of IDs, In Need of Assistance To Get Home


Since being robbed of their IDs shortly after arriving in the Virgin Islands Nathan Hart and Ebonie Bess have had trouble finding work, a place to live or a way home.

Nathan Hart and Ebonie Bess flew to the islands from Phoenix, Arizona, on May 4 hoping to spend an enjoyable summer in the Virgin Islands before their luck took a swift turn for the worse.

Hart, a chef, even had a job lined up at a St. Thomas restaurant, according to Cid Hamling, who owns Connections, where the two turned for some help recently.

On the couple’s first night staying at a downtown St. Thomas hotel, their identifications were stolen, Hamling explained.
“With no ID, they were unable to get their health cards and so he could not take the job he had secured before traveling to the territory,” said Hamling.

Hart’s ID was from his home state of Ohio, and it will take about 90 days before he is able to receive a duplicate license, Hamling explained.

When Hart and Bess heard of the work stay program at Estate Concordia, where employees work several hours per day in exchange for room and board, they thought it could solve their problems, Hamling added.

“That’s when they came over here to St. John to see about working at Concordia,” she said. “But again, they have no health cards or IDs, so that didn’t work out.”

The two have no family members who can help them with airfare costs and while they are both doing any odd jobs they can find, they are looking for help from the community, Hamling explained.

“They’ve gone to the Department of Human Services and were unable to get assistance,” she said.

Hart and Bess are willing and hoping to work for money to buy a plane ticket back to Arizona, Hamling added.

Anyone willing to help Hart and Bess can send an email to and the information will reach the couple in need; or call Connections at 776-6922.