Ten Charged with Uploading Fraudulent Documents to Travel Portal

Ten people, mostly from New Jersey, were arrested on Friday at the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas by officers of the COVID-19 Enforcement Task Force and charged with uploading fraudulent documents to the territory’s travel portal.

According to the V.I. Police Department, officers arrested Savonne Hunter, age 38 of Lindenhood, NJ; Chalayaa Downing, age 29 of New Jersey; Sashay Clegg, age 36 of Morrisville, PA; Laurie Downing, age 60 of New Jersey; Kim Clegg, age 61; Deanna Brittingham, age 34 of New Jersey; Albonte Collins, age 51 of Pennsylvania; Daisy Fregoni, age 54 of Morrisville, PA; Michael Clegg, age 30 of New Jersey; and Raheem Thompson, age 24 of New Jersey.

All 10 individuals were charged with fraudulent claims upon the government, access to a computer for fraudulent purposes, use of false information and filing or recording forged instruments.

Bail for all 10 individuals was set at $5,500 each. They all posted 10 percent of the bail amount and were released, pending their advice of rights hearings.