Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint at Estate Rendevzous Villa

A tourist couple were met by two armed suspects upon returning to their Estate Rendezvous villa on Tuesday afternoon, May 23.

The incident is being classified as a burglary in the first degree, and was reported to officers at Leander Jurgen command on Tuesday at approximately 4 p.m., according to V.I. Police Department spokesperson Shawna Richards.

“The victims stated that upon entering their villa located at Estate Rendezvous, they were met by an unknown black male and black female, both of whom were dressed in dark clothing with their faces partially covered,” said Richards.

House Secured, Not Locked
The victims left the house earlier that day, around 11:30 a.m. The house was secured, but not locked, according to Richards. “The male suspect was armed with a gun,” said Richards. “He approached the male victim and demanded money. The female suspect approached the victim’s wife and covered her mouth with her hand.”

The suspects directed the victims to the bedroom, where they demanded money, and told the victims that they would be killed, according to Richards.

After giving the suspects approximately $400, the victims faces were covered, and they were tied up and left in the master bathroom, said the police spokesperson.

“At that point, reports indicate that the suspects continued to ransack the villa, then left the area with several items belonging to the victims,” said Richards, who did not know what items the suspects left with.

No Details Regarding Investigation
The victims then freed themselves and drove to Leander Jurgen command in Cruz Bay to make a report, according to Richards.

The investigation is underway. No further details regarding the VIPD’s investigation of the burglary were available last week.

Richards said she did not know the name of the Estate Rendezvous villa where the burglary occurred.