Two Automobile Collision on St. Croix Leaves One Man Dead

A man involved in a two-automobile collision succumbed to his injuries Wednesday, the V.I. Police Department reported.

An auto collision involving two vehicles was reported where Melvin H. Evans Highway (Route 66) and Hope Road (Route 68) intersect. All on-duty members of the Traffic Investigation Bureau were notified and were dispatched to the scene to assist with the investigation and processing of the scene, according to the police report.

Based on the evidence at the scene, a grey Mercedes-Benz E-350 was heading westbound on Melvin H. Evans Highway in the vicinity of Home Depot when a white Chevy Silverado was heading eastbound and making a right turn heading south towards Hope Road when the Mercedes-Benz struck the Chevy Silverado. All three passengers in the collision were transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital for treatment, the police report stated.

Luis A. Viera, 66, the driver of the Chevy Silverado, succumbed to his injuries sustained in the collision and was positively identified by a family member as the deceased. Viera’s passenger and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, the report stated.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death, police say.

This case remains open and under investigation by the Virgin Islands Police Department Traffic Investigation Bureau, St. Croix District.