USDA – USVI Accepting Applications for Community Assistance Grants

United States Department of Agriculture

Rural Development, U.S. Virgin Islands — U.S. Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for the Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training Grant. Electronic applications must be submitted via by midnight Eastern time on June 10.

To assist with obtaining a grant, USDA is providing the following:
NOSA for FY 2019 funding
Factsheet on the program
7 CFR Regulation and Instructions governing the program
Past recipients for 2017 and 2018
CF TAT Checklist
Forms in winzip file. People can also check – or

What does this program do?
The agency will make grants to public bodies and private nonprofit corporations, (such as states, counties, cities, townships and incorporated towns and villages, boroughs, authorities, districts and Indian tribes on federal and state reservations) to provide associations with technical assistance and/or training with respect to essential community facilities programs.
The Technical Assistance and/or training will assist communities, Indian Tribes, and Nonprofit Corporations to identify and plan for community facility needs that exist in their area. Once those needs have been identified, the grantee can assist in identifying public and private resources to finance those identified community facility needs.

Who may apply for this program?
Public bodies
Non-profit organizations
Federally Recognized Tribes

What is an eligible area?
Rural areas including cities, villages, townships, towns and federally recognized Tribal Lands outside the boundaries of a city of 20,000 or more.

How may funds be used?
To assist communities in identifying and planning for community facility needs;
To identify resources to finance community facility needs from public and private sources;
To prepare reports and surveys necessary to request financial assistance to develop community facilities;
To prepare applications for agency financial assistance;
To improve the management, including financial management, related to the operation of community facilities; or
To assist with other areas of need identified by the secretary.

What kind of funding is available?
· Maximum grant award is $150,000
· Grant funds are limited and are awarded through a competitive process

Are matching funds required?
· Matching funds are not required but preference is giving to applications with cash matching funds.
· In-kind contributions cannot be used as matching funds
· Partnerships with other federal, state, local, private and nonprofit entities are encouraged

How do applicants get started?
· Applications are accepted on an annual basis through a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) in the Federal Register.
The agency must receive applications in paper postmarked and mailed, shipped or sent overnight by 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on June 10.
Electronic applications must be submitted via by midnight Eastern time on June 17, 2019.