Very Special Thanks from Arts Festival Founder


The organizers of the St. John Arts Festival would like to express their sincere thanks to the following critical contributors to the success of the festival this year:

St. John School of the Arts – Jan, Kim and Kazumi for making available the facilities for the play “Dear Anna/Dear Peter;” the films “The Establishment of the Virgin Islands National Park” as well as “Jamesie King of Scratch.”

Cape Air and the Westin Resort – for making it possible for Jamesie and the All Stars to come from St. Croix and stay on St. John.

Julius Sprauve, Gifft Hill and Guy Benjamin teachers and school children for their outstanding exhibits.

Steve Roberts – who made the placards for the children’s exhibits.

St. John Church Choirs – for a truly uplifting concert.

St. John Quadrille Dancers – for reviving the colorful heritage of St. John.

St. John Bands – for a great variety of music old and new.

Food and Crafts Exhibitors – for showing Caribbean-made goods.

The Press – for timely reporting before, during and after the festival.

The Program – St. John Printing and Design and program advertisers.

Virgin Islands Council on the Arts and the V.I. Department of Tourism – for their partial support of the festival.

The Carabana Ensemble Theater Company – for an illuminating account of the compassionate Danish Governor Peter Von Scholten.

The Virgin Islands National Park – for their “Folk Life Festival” and their archeological work and museum. Also, the film “The Establishment of the Virgin Islands National Park,” and Steve Simonsen for sharing the film.

“Jamesie and All Stars” for coming to St. John, Andrea Leland for capturing for all time, on film, the spirit of the old days through the honest portrayal of music by Jamesie and his band.

Frank Langley