VI Courts Give Options for Managing COVID-19 Endemic

Judiciary of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Administrator of Courts Regina Petersen advises the public and members of the Virgin Islands Bar Association that the judiciary has transitioned from the pandemic stage to the endemic stage and has modified its measures as outlined in Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2022-0004, effective immediately.

All proceedings in the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands and the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands as well as proceedings before the Board on Professional Responsibility, the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the Board on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, the Committee of Bar Examiners and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel may be held in-person or remotely and shall be at the discretion of the chair of the board, commission or committee or in the case of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the Chief Disciplinary Counsel.

Members of the public shall not be required to wear face masks in judicial branch facilities ordinarily accessible to the public, although they are encouraged to do so. Judicial officers and court administrative staff may, in their discretion, mandate those members of the public wear a face mask when entering their chambers, office or other area not ordinarily accessible to the public.

Individuals entering a judicial branch facility to participate in a proceeding, whether as an attorney, witness, party, juror, prospective juror or in some other capacity, shall bring a face mask with them. The presiding judicial officer may, in his or her discretion, require that such participants wear a face mask during all or part of the proceeding.

Please refer to the order for the full details of the measures the Judiciary has adopted to manage the COVID-19 endemic.

For more information, contact:

Regina Petersen, Administrator of Courts

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