VI Cycling Federation Releases Results of East End Road Race

Elite finishers: (L to R) Glenn Massiah, Stephen Swanton, Alex Betancourt and Rey Flecha (Submitted photo)

On Sunday morning, the Virgin Islands Cycling Federation held the East End Road Race, one of the most challenging races on its calendar.  Twenty-four cyclists, including three from St. Thomas, endured the long, hilly and hot courses, which started at Cramer’s Park, rode around St. Croix’s east end, then finished at the top of Point Udall.

The Elite group set out to circle St Croix’s east end three times, including a climb up to Point Udall — twice. The riders remained a cohesive group on the first lap, with Glenn “Hula” Massiah leading the pack up Grassy Point. St. Thomas cyclist Rey Flecha was close behind, and Stephen Swanton was in the third position. The second lap was the biggest challenge because not only did they have to fight up Grassy Point for the cash prize, they also had to climb up to Point Udall, around the monument, then back down for another lap.  Swanton easily claimed the $75 prize, then he hit the top of Udall nearly 30 seconds ahead of Massiah.  Somewhere along the third lap Swanton decided to hammer it because he finished the 46.5 miles more than three minutes ahead of Massiah in a time of 2:29:16. Massiah was second and Alex Betancourt, last year’s winner, was third in a time of 2:40:01.

The Expert cyclists were next on the starting line at Cramer’s Park. Their 29-mile course took them around the east end twice, with the finish at the top of Point Udall.  As Ralph Bartlett glanced at his talented competitors, he knew he may not reach the top-finishers’ podium, so his strategy was to shoot for the $50 cash prize up Grassy Point on the first lap.  He was behind at the foot of the hill but powered up and surpassed Robin Seila, Matthew Tavernier and Norbert Prospere along the climb. As the race continued on for the second lap, Seila asserted herself and made it to the finish line over three minutes ahead of second place finisher Norbert Prospere. Seila’s time was 1:37:14; Prospere’s time was 1:40:33; Catherine Seguin, who was the third-place finisher, posted a time of 1:44:07.

Three Elite cyclists: (L to R) Alex Betancourt, Glenn Massiah and Stephen Swanton (Submitted photo)

The Sport cyclists were challenged with one lap of the east end and a $25 cash prize for the first to reach the top of Grassy Point.  Mango Tree Rider James Bates hit the top ahead of MTR teammate, Mario Butcher, and last year’s winner, Lucien Lake.  Bates continued on to win the 16-mile race in a time of 56:58. Tom Scull was second in 57:38; Butcher was third in 58:31.

The small Masters field also rode one lap of the east end.  Chris Dorsey led without contest from the start and easily grabbed the $25 cash prize at the top of Grassy Point. He reached the finish line at the top of Pt. Udall in 57:03.  James Meyers was second in 1:03:34; Yves Abraham was third in 1:07:16.

The next cycling race is scheduled for 7 a.m., Sunday, May 29, at the V.I. National Guard Armory in Estate Bethlehem.

For more information, call 643-6420.

Virgin Islands Cycling Federation Results of East End Road Race held on Sunday, May 15, 2022

Start: Cramer’s Park * Finish: Point Udall * Course: East End Loop x 1,2, 3

ELITE – 47 miles – East end loop three times, up Point Udall on the second loop and finish

  1. Stephen Swanton 2:29:16 *Grassy Point Prime Winner
  2. Glenn Massiah 2:32:40
  3. Alex Betancourt 2:40:01
  4. Rey Flecha 2:46:06

David Parris         DNF

Joey Swanson      DNF

EXPERT – 29 miles – East end loop twice, up Point Udall to finish

  1. Robin Seila 1:37:14
  2. Norbert Prospere 1:40:33
  3. Catherine Seguin 1:44:07
  4. Matthew Tavernier 1:45:28
  5. Ralph Bartlett 1:50:54 *Grassy Point Prime Winner
  6. Diego Lima III 2:06:04

Jerry Remie          DNF (ER)

Ted Prosper         DNF (ER)

SPORT – 16 miles – East End loop, up Point Udall to finish

  1. James Bates 56:58    *Grassy Point Prime Winner
  2. Tom Scull 57:39
  3. Mario Butcher 58:31
  4. Bob Halk 59:41

5   Luke Defour         1:00:19

Lucien Lake          DNF

MASTERS – 16 miles – East End loop, up Point Udall to finish

  1. Chris Dorsey           57:03        *Grassy Point Prime Winner
  2. James Meyers 1:03:34
  3. Yves Abraham 1:07:16

4.  Renwick Lynch