VIPA Alerts Travelers to Expect Longer Wait Times at CEKA During Peak Tourism Season

Cyril E. King International Airport (Source file photo)

The Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) anticipates extended wait times for travelers during arrival and departure at the Cyril E. King Airport (CEKA) as the tourism season begins to peak on St. Thomas.  The airport’s commercial tarmac at gate five is currently being repaired, and this may cause some delays for arriving jets during arriving from noon through 4 p.m., said VIPA Executive Director Carlton Dowe.  The apron project is expected to be completed in January, according to Dowe.

The public is also reminded of the ongoing construction of the multi-level parking and transportation center at the King Airport.  Parking spaces are limited during construction, and residents have been asked to arrange to be dropped off and picked up when traveling via CEKA.

Dowe also advised travelers to arrive for their flight at least two and a half to three hours prior to their departure time.

“VIPA apologizes in advance for any inconveniences, and we ask for the public’s continued patience as we work to improve the arrival and departure experience at our airport,” said Dowe.