Visitor Writes To Tourism Comm. Richards About St. John Attack

August 16, 2006

U. S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism
Attention: Pamela Richards
Commissioner of Tourism
P. O. Box 6400
St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands 00802

Dear Ms. Richards:

I have always held the Virgin Islands in the highest regard as my favorite place to travel, until my most recent visit. I arrived in St. John Saturday, August 5th, to attend my good friendsÂ’ wedding on Trunk Bay and enjoy nine days of scuba, snorkeling and the many activities the island has to offer.

Four days later, I could not wait to get back home to Chicago.

On the night of Wednesday, August 9th, I was violently assaulted by apparent local teens wielding a long handle, round point shovel. Although I forfeited my expensive watch and volunteered my wallet they abandoned these items in the pursuit of violence. The first couple blows I was able to deflect yielding bruised arms and a fractured hand until one struck me decisively on the crown of my head. This head shot knocked me to my knees providing my would-be killers the opportunity for additional blows of which they took full advantage. After repeated blows to my skull, my will to survive, pure adrenaline and perhaps God wanting my life to continue, I was able to outrun my attackers to the refuge of the police station in Cruz Bay. Fortunately, this attack occurred within such close proximity.

This traumatic attack not only resulted in multiple head lacerations requiring 14 stitches, many bruises and abrasions, but also a vigilant campaign for justice. The first phase of my campaign is the introduction of the situation to the political and governmental figures that may assist in swift and decisive prosecution of this killer-in-the-making. If necessary, my subsequent endeavors will be to utilize all available resources, including family, friends, and media, to notify the public of my disturbing experience and warn other unassuming tourists.

I will look forward to hearing from you with a plan of action to conclude this unfortunate event.

(Name withheld by request)

Cc: Administrator Harley
Police Chief Hill
Governor Charles Wesley Turnbull
U.S. Virgin Islands Dept. of Tourism

If anyone has information regarding this attack, or any other similar attacks at this location, please contact Don at