Friends of Bob Thank Supporters for Thoughts


We, Friends of Bob, write this letter to inform you who do not know what’s been going on in Robert Sells’ life for the past year or more.

As he is in need of some good energy and words directed at Judge Brenda Hollar who last month found Bob guilty of aggravated assault and battery with intent to bodily harm and intimidation, which makes the charges a felony here in the Virgin Islands.

Bob could be sentenced to up to five years in prison for these offenses which have been blown way out side of the truth.

Many paths to follow to see articles that have the on going reports of the case. St. John Source, St. John Tradewinds, The Virgin Islands Daily News, etc. We feel as do many on the outside edge of it that its a travesty of justice and Bob has never been or will he be a racist, which links in with the intimidation charge brought against him.

Letters can be directed to friendsofbalibob, and there is a web site up

Thanks for your thoughts and support. We hope this mail finds all well in your homes and family!

Friends of Bob