St. John Needs Planning Commission

Letter to the Editor:

I had the treat of being able to stay on Jekyll Island off the coast of GA recently and was struck with the similarity to St. John.

Over 65% of the barrier islands retain much of their native wilderness, they are designated as parks, wildlife refuges, and research reserves.

I got to thinking that is like St. John since 2/3 of our island is park land and only 1/3 can be developed on.

I spoke to someone in the planning commission and walked away thinking why does St. John not have a planning commission?

When I read or hear about all the issues we have going on “on island” and no recourse or direction to head in, I wonder why not establish a planning commission.

Lord knows we have very intelligent and well rounded individuals who make St. John their home and I would think would love to have new development to a point that does not take away from the beauty of the island.

I know change is inevitable. I just think that maybe we could be a little more conscious of not overdeveloping the small amount of island we have.

Rosi Perkins