VIWMA Addresses Distribution of Waste Haulers’ Vendor Payments

Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority

The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority was created in 2004 to provide solid waste and wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services to protect public health and preserve the environment of the U.S. Virgin Islands. VIWMA considers its contracted solid waste service providers as a valuable part of its operations and an asset to the territory.

Since late October, when Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. signed Act 8381 into law, which appropriated $15 million to pay outstanding VIWMA vendor debts, almost every solid waste service provider who performed services since the authority’s inception has contacted the Solid Waste Division or the Finance Division and made some claim of outstanding accounts payable owed to their company.

VIWMA and its board of directors have a responsibility to be good stewards of the Government of the Virgin Island’s limited financial resources and as such has been working with contractors to review invoices and determine their validity.

The Act states that “Not later than 10 (ten) days after the enactment of this act, the Waste Management Authority shall submit a list of all waste haulers and landfill operators owed outstanding vendor payments along with the debt owed to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Not later than 30 days after the funds appropriated have been allotted, the Waste Management Authority shall provide a report to the Legislature documenting the payment to the waste haulers and landfill operators.”

VIWMA has been in constant communication with the Office of Management and Budget to ensure that approved invoices for all vendors will be finalized and submitted for payment within the timeframe outlined in the bill.

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