Viya Restoration Efforts Ramp Up on St. John

Viya jeep

Viya continues to ramp-up its restoration efforts on St. John with the goal of completion for the beginning of the second quarter of this year.

Viya Chief Executive Officer Geraldine Pitt said, “Viya began network construction efforts in the Coral Bay area on Feb. 19. Viya also continues its work on St. John to complete restoration and expansion in Peter Bay and Maho Bay. This current phase of the network buildout is currently scheduled for completion by late May 2019.”

Although numerous logistical challenges created delays in the restoration process on St. John, the company is laser focused on ensuring that the island is able to access critically needed communications infrastructure.

Viya will do more than merely restore service to areas it served prior to Hurricane Irma. When the project is completed, there will be two new areas that will now have access to high-speed internet service: Peter Bay and Maho Bay. Once Viya has completed the reconstruction of the network, customers will be expeditiously connected.

Viya’s construction teams have begun work on critical Coral Bay areas including Emmaus and Sea Grape Hill. Once the Coral Bay remote central office site receives power, the node can be energized. The team anticipates that the area will be ready by the end of March, and customers can then be reconnected to the network.

Last week, Viya’s technical team began working in two key areas that provide service to Little Plantation, Lower Carolina, Upper Carolina, Freeman’s Ground and Saunder’s Gut.

“We sincerely regret the delay in the restoration process and we will continue to work closely with all key stakeholders by communicating regularly with the residents of St. John through community engagement and via media outlets,” said Pitt.

Viya reminds the public that restoration updates are online at Its restoration site also has pertinent information regarding the restoration of phone, internet and Cable TV services, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Customers can also contact Viya’s representatives by calling 777-Viya (8492).