Waterfront Bistro Deck at Wharfside Expands Under Watchful Eye of DPNR

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources is keeping a close eye on construction at Wharfside Village’s newest restaurant, Waterfront Bistro, which is located on Cruz Bay beach.

Construction continues on the new deck at the Waterfront Bistro, located on the Cruz Bay beach at Wharfside Village, under close supervision by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

The development is located in the second Coastal Zone Management tier, and is not subject to the more stringent guidelines applied to first tier developments. The concrete footings poured last week on the beach for the new restaurant’s deck are legal because they are behind the tree line, explained DPNR spokesperson Jamal Nielsen.


The new deck at Waterfront Bistro is being constructed behind the treeline.


“The tree line on the beach defines where the first and second tiers are separated,” said Nielsen. “If it were within the first tier, the ruling says the building must be 50 feet from the mean high water line or behind the line of natural vegetation. We wouldn’t let them go down to the water line.”

Inspectors are keeping a close eye on the development at the old Panini Beach location, where concrete is being poured by hand,  Nielsen added.