Weekly St. John Police log

St. John Police Report


Important Emergency Numbers
St. John Police Department: 693-8880 or 911 •Cellular 911: 776-9110 •St. John Fire Service: 776-6333

Friday, June 20

12:53 p.m.  – A resident of Estate Enighed p/r a man collided into his vehicle. Auto accident.
3:50 p.m. – A resident of Estate Wintberg p/r a man rented a vehicle from said car rental and did not pay the balance of his bill. Grand larceny.

Saturday, June 30

2:15 a.m. – A citizen requested assistance with another citizen who threw a drink on some citizens. Police assistance.
3:55 a.m. – A citizen requested assistance with a citizen in the Cruz Bay village. Police assistance.
5:25 p.m. – A resident of Peter Bay c/r her boyfriend has a hammer and is banging it, and won’t leave her alone and she would like some assistance. Disturbance of the peace, domestic violence.
11:05 p.m. – A citizen c/r a possible fight in the area of Wharfside Village in Cruz Bay.
11:13 p.m. – A security guard at the Cruz Bay dock c/r he detained a male he believed committed a larceny. Larceny (unfounded).
11:50 p.m. – A citizen p/r a security guard struck her minor son with a baton near Wharfside Village. Aggravated assault and battery.

Sunday, July 1

6:20 a.m. – A citizen p/r his passport, drivers license, birth certifiate and money were stolen at the Frank Powell Park. Grand larceny.
11:15 p.m. – A resident of Estate Enighed p/r she was assaulted by a male at Morgan’s Mango. Aggravated assault and battery.

Monday, July 2

12:10 p.m. – A resident of Estate Enighed p/r his roommate owes him money. Embezzlement.
2 p.m. – A resident of Wharfside Village p/r someone removed his vehicle from the area of Wharfside Village. Unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Tuesday, July 3

1:45 a.m. – A resident of Estate Enighed c/r someone threw a stone through his window. Destruction of property.
No time given – A resident of Estate Thomas p/r he was assaulted by his ex-girlfriend. Simple assault.

Wednesday, July 4

3:09 a.m. – A resident of Estate Grunwald p/r her boyfriend threatened her at the Winston Wells ball field. Disturbance of the peace (threats), domestic violence.
4:45 p.m. – A resident of Brooklyn, New York, p/r a vehicle tampering in Cruz Bay. Vehicle tampering.
6:25 p.m. – A citizen c/r an auto accident in the area of Supreme Corner. Auto accident.
6:26 p.m. – Badge 1099 present with one Kleaver Jesse Frank under arrest charged with DWI. Unable to post bail, he was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections.
11 p.m. – A resident of Denver, Colorado, p/r someone removed his dinghy from the Cruz Bay dinghy dock. Grand larceny.
11:01 p.m. – A resident of Estate Grunwald c/r a possible attempted suicide. Attempted suicide.

Thursday, July 5

2:37 a.m. – A citizen r/ an intoxicated male causing a disturbance in the area of the Cruz Bay dock.
3:53 a.m. – A resident of Contant p/r he was assaulted while helping his employee move from an apartment. Simple assault.
7:30 a.m. – A resident of Serendip p/r he was assaulted at his home. Assault in the third.
11 a.m. – A citizen p/ at Jurgen Command r/ an unknown driver struck his vehicle while same was parked at Mongoose Junction. Auto accident.
12:04 p.m. – A resident of Coral Bay c/r that her home was burglarized. Burglary in the third.
2:25 p.m. – A citizen p/r she had a dispute over rent payment with her landlord. Landlord tenant dispute.

Friday, July 6

12:25 a.m. – A resident of Estate Grunwald c/r a disturbance of the peace with her husband in the Cruz Bay park. Destruction of property, domestic violence.
3:05 a.m. – A citizen c/r a WAPA pole on fire in the area of Great Cruz Bay. Fire (WAPA pole).
7:25 a.m. – A citizen c/r a break-in at Wind Chimes Villas on Gift Hill. Burglary in the third.