Wha’s Happ’nin

Streaker at J’ouvert

by Sis Frank

Did I hear our new Department of Public Safety Commissioner mention an anonymous St. Johnian who livened up J’Ouvert? After Addie Ottley’s comment on TV that St. Johnians were walking, not jumping up, I’m glad to know that this unknown daredevil added some spice to the early morning revelry!

I didn’t brave the crowds — sitting next to my AC in front of my TV was easier than sitting on the curbstone at the Clinic corner. Just watching James Penn directing the mammoth trucks as they crept along the parade route was exhausting!
Perfect weather made it a typical St. Johnian celebration — everyone smiling, beautiful queens, music, dancing, crazy interviews with “Culture Man” — congratulations to all who made it a special event!

Reminiscing with Old Friends
“Big Al” Smith (not to be confused with “Boopy”) brought Miss Lilly and Miss Gladys to Starfish — these two ladies, with their late sister Miss Alma, supplied the groceries for the island for many years — La Tapa is the location of Smith’s Store and Tage was Miss Lilly’s Store — whatever you wanted could be special-ordered for you, but their brother, Austin, stopped carrying Tide “because it sells too fast!”

Miss Lilly’s porch was the headquarters for Fourth of July parades with the governors, judges and honored guests enjoying the festivities, which lasted for about two hours.

Even though the years have changed the number of entries (48 this year) — the basic St. Johnian spirit has not changed — the Smith sisters and I agreed that life was much simpler in those days (‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s) — whatever we had, we were grateful for, the pace was slower and just living on St. John was a blessing.

Gym and Jazz
You will find that St. Johnian spirit at Gym in Paradise and on Sunday afternoons at the Beach Bar! Refresh your energies as you take off a few pounds — or — live it up with great music!