Wha’s Happ’nin’

By: Sis Frank 
U.S. Open Honors Althea Gibson

I hope that everyone watched the opening night on TV. It was spectacular. George Lewis’ friends, David Dinkins and Zina Garrison were featured along with outstanding women of African American descent. Aretha Franklin was her usual high-powered self as she led the crowd in a pounding beat.

New Band Leader at the Beach Bar

He resembles Steve Simon, but he’s a few years younger. Come down on a Sunday afternoon, 4 to 7:30 p.m., maybe you will recognize him.

Roan Creque and Freddy Rabuse have sat in for Sally Smith who is touring the world, including Thailand with Jus’ Cynthia. These girls do get around.

St. John School of the Arts Opens

A new storage building has opened the stage for theater productions, the office space is rearranged and air-conditioned, new windows are replacing those that leak and several new programs are being offered to children and adults. Call 779-4322 or stop by the school next door to the Legislature. It’s our 26th year!