Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Beach Bar Sunday Was the Best Ever
The winter crowd is back — the Super Bowl is over — the Jazz Islanders were hot — the lovely AHN Trio paid a visit — it was a great afternoon! The more I heard Steve Simon speak, the more I realized that he missed his calling! When he announced his intent to entertain the troops, or led us all in a rousing rendition of “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord,” I realized that Ringling Brothers has lost their best ring leader! As Roan Creque said, “They didn’t bring a blues band to Vietnam!” Guess it must be the tempo of our changing times. Someone else suggested that he’s a frustrated Bob Hope (as in WWII).

The AHN Trio is on St. Thomas for a performance at Tillett Gardens. After an afternoon at Cinnamon Bay Beach, they enjoyed the mob scene at the Beach Bar. As beautiful as ever, they will return to play at the Art School next season. They are now off to Turkey!

Art Festival Brings Community Together
The Cruz Bay park is offering great local music and the creations of local craftspeople to the community and our visitors. Programs are also given at the Art School by the young people. Thanks, Frank, for presenting this program each year.

Old Friends Keep Coming Back
I was reminded by guests who have returned every year that they remember the first time I greeted them on the dock and carried them to Doris Jadan’s cottages — over 40 years ago. I told them to buy everything that they needed on St. Thomas, except for meat which we ordered from Nevada Meat Market in New York City.

They remembered seeing a sign on a tree, “Come to Our House For Dinner,” “The lifeguard at Trunk Bay will cook for you.” This was Oscar and Doreen James.

In reading the guest book, our friends saw Christian Barnard’s name. Oscar didn’t realize that he had entertained the world’s first heart transplant surgeon!

Oscar went on to run several restaurants, and build his Cruz Bay building to house his convenience store. He specializes now in cruise ship vacations and trips to other islands. Ah, retirement!

Playhouse at Basketball Court Takes Shape
It’s been almost a year, but the pile of tunnels sitting in the corner are beginning to look like a mystery house — now, if the court could be raised out of the flood waters and the graffiti cleaned up, maybe our young people could enjoy their games.

Come on, Obama! We’re for you!