Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Inauguration Ceremonies Celebrated a New Day for St. John

The swearing-in ceremonies for our governor-elect John deJongh Jr. and Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis were beautifully presented on St. Thomas and St. Croix, but, to me, the atmosphere created by the small-town feeling of Cruz Bay made our program very special.

The ecumenical service at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church opened the day of celebration with blessings and prayers for the honorees and their families. Shikima Jones’ lovely voice filled the hall with joy. The artistic mural and the new comfortable pews are the latest enhancements that make this place of worship one that we are proud of.

As the crowd followed the honorees down the street to the bandstand, sprinkles started and the committee members quickly dried the chairs — in fact, the chairs were stacked several times. This didn’t spoil the celebration. The JDPP band, directed by Steven Payne, and the Love City Pan Dragons kept the excitement going.

Brion Morrisette was the perfect master of ceremony, along with Kim Lyons who gave a rousing welcoming speech and Cheryl Boynes-Jackson who introduced the dignitaries. What a joy to see these attractive members of our next generation.

The governor and lieutenant governor inspired a definite feeling of hope for the future of the Virgin Islands, and especially our St. John. Memories of the late Gov. Cyril E. King were rekindled as they spoke of their plans to correct our ever-increasing challenges.

It was thrilling to hear that these dedicated men could not wait to tackle our monumental problems. It won’t happen overnight, but we all should help them achieve their goals.

Congratulations and best wishes to Gov. John deJongh Jr., Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis and to their families.

Youth Center Brightens Cruz Bay
Two shades of green have made a brand new building for the young people. Thanks to those who made it possible.

Ocean Grill is Glen’s Latest Creation
I wasn’t sure I was in Cruz Bay — this same space has held several businesses over the years — Kate Swan and Jennifer Troisi styled our hair, the Purple Line with well-known musicians was upstairs (I once sat through two shows of Gary Burton on vibes with Duke Ellington’s Jimmy Hamilton giving me pointers on the jazz) (Jimmy lived on St. Croix for many years) — the famous bar “The Out” was on the roadside of the building where June Bell Barlas ran things — all of this was to be renamed Mongoose Junction I by the master, Glen Speer.

And now, the beautiful restaurant Ocean Grill, sits in the midst of the complex. It may take him a little longer, but whatever Glen builds is always attractive and imaginative. It only took 10 years to create the St. John School of the Arts, but who cares when you enjoy our perfect acoustics.

The luncheon at Ocean Grill was outstanding — we had a great time, even though Matt, our waiter, probably will now run and hide to avoid waiting on us (the staff at the art school) — in my enthusiasm, I knocked a tray of water and Coke out of his hands — but we were only drenched with water, the Coke never spilled — now that’s a great waiter.

Bachelor Auction Date Entertains Caneel’s Celebs
Who was chosen to prepare dinner for you-know-who at Caneel? None other than a dashing chef at a well-known restaurant — I forgave him when he thought I was Jude Woodcock’s mother, but only if he’d be a date at the art school’s Bachelor Auction. You can check him out at the gym. “Let’s Make a Date” is on Saturday, February 10, at the Westin.

Sprauve School Gala at Caneel Bay
Next important date: Saturday, January 13 — call 776-6336 to hope for a last minute availability.