Wha’s Happ’nin’

Could It Be That DPNR and VIPA ReallyDon’t Care About St. John?

by Sis Frank


Why do I get the impression that these two agencies want to wring every bit of local charm out of St. John?

Patrick’s West Indian Delight, Shela’s Pot and Mooie’s are the only attractions left in Cruz Bay which tell our visitors that St. John has its own personality.

When tourists step off the ferry, they are assaulted by vehicles of all sizes and shops that sell exactly the same items that St. Thomas and St. Croix display.

Are three additional parking spaces necessary?

Wouldn’t you rather see the creative drawings on Patrick’s mini-restaurant and bar (no longer a bar, very soon — no liquor sold, only beer and wine) and join in the fun with local characters who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere?

Why do you think visitors come to St. John? To find a little peace and quiet, to share the local flavor of relaxation and fun.

Now, we are destroying the laid-back attitude. The polite St. Johnian doesn’t have time to share the latest gossip — he’s dodging trucks that don’t belong on the waterfront road. DPNR and Port Authority officials, please do not remove Patrick’s!

Farewell to a Landmark
I can’t imagine the Texaco gas station being removed to make way for a traffic circle! After 50 years of serving St. Johnians from the days of Ron Morrisette Sr. sitting in the front corner typing appeal letters for the St. John Corporation, through the years of gas deliveries by Carl Penn, bookkeeping and management by Valdrena Hill, repairs by Rodney Varlack to the present day ownership by Bob O’Connor and bookkeeping by Sivilah Williams, Texaco has served the community well. Thanks to all who made it an essential part of St. John! We will miss you, but E&C will carry on at their enlarged location.

Condolences to Family of Joyce LaMotta
In the early 70s, our wonderful youth Steel Orchestra, Steel Unlimited, made two LPs at Criteria Studios in Miami. Rudy Wells was the director and I was the manager.

I will never forget how kind Joyce was to me during those exciting years of performances. She introduced me to executives in the recording studios on my first trip to Trinidad. She advised me on the correct ways to distribute and sell the LPs and sold hundreds of them at her St. Thomas shop “The Guitar Lady.”

My sincere sympathy to her son Leroy and daughter Vivian, on the the loss of their remarkable mother.

Rest, Relax and Revive
The best places in Cruz Bay are Gym in Paradise at The Marketplace, and the Beach Bar on Sundays when the Jazz Islanders swing from 4 to 7:30 p.m.

Build up your muscles and reduce your waistline at the gym. Meet your pals on the beach and let the rhythms roll!
Maybe the V.I. Government and the National Park Service could map out a sensible solution to the “where are we going to build the new school” problem. All it takes is sitting down together in a relaxed atmosphere, with both sides giving in to each other’s demands.