“Who You Gonna Call”, the Police?


We could get a few good, law abiding citizens together for an audition of “reality TV” right here on our beautiful island. They would have to walk through the doors at the Cruz Bay Police Department and attempt to assist them with important information regarding threatening criminal activity on St. John. They would then be met with hostility, denial, and officers claiming to be unfamiliar with their complaint. Where the citizens go next with their steps to help out our law enforcement is their next task. If they knowingly put themselves in personal danger, they will get cast for the TV show. “Who you gonna call?”

After reading an article published in the St. John Tradewinds regarding mister Colaire, I felt compelled to bring further light to what actually happens when good citizens try to help out the police department.

I believe in innocence until proven guilty, but we are talking about a person formally charged with attempted murder, arson and accessory after the fact in connection with the Geiger murder case. Those are some pretty serious charges.

Isn’t it possible for a representitive of our police department to go out and investigate the allegations made by the anonymous citizen who came through the doors on May 14? Or is it too late now?

Now, you need a formal complaint filed by the D.A. and an appearance in court to revoke Colaire’s probation.

I got a better idea. Put an officer on Colaire, and when that officer sees Mr. Colaire violating his probation, that officer can file the complaint and appear in court! How easy is that? He was right next door to your building on the night of May 13…allegedly. An officer wouldn’t even have to use his squad car. Just stroll over there and nab the criminal. With gas prices the way they are, you’d nab two birds with one stone! It’s preposterous! He was right next door! C’mon ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to make this thing work.

I completely support our police department’s efforts in most things that they do, but I don’t understand why they can’t act on the public assistance that walks through their door to help. Instead, the public gets treated with disdain and confusion. Reports get “messed up,” and the public will have to return to file another report after the pencils get sharpened next weekend.

There is no way on earth that the public is fabricating these allegations against our police department! We wish to HELP. Why are there so many articles and letters coming into St. John Tradewinds regarding allegations of mistreatment at the police department? There is an obvious problem there at the desk, and it just keeps getting worse.

Thank you Ernest Bason, for planning to contact Police Commissioner Elton Lewis regarding police response to residents’ attempts to file reports. I am sure that you two can work closely together to figure out WHY this is standard procedure in Cruz Bay. The obvious and continued shortcomings in police response will no doubt affect public opinion in the streets and at the polls.

No need to remain anonymous for fear of future repercussions.

In all respect,
Mizza Lompscho
Cruz Bay