You’ve Been Conched!



A Rasta-themed decorated conch shell was left anonymously for a St. John business owner with the requirement that another one be created and presented to another deserving recipient – anonymously.



Move over “Secret Santa,” you’ve been “Conched.”

In a St. John spin on a tradition with roots in many cultures, someone is spreading cheer and good will with the anonymous gift of a creatively-decorated conch shell with a requirement of reciprocity.

One island business owner received the “Love City” Conch last week and wasn’t sure if the uplifting directive was the start of a new community effort or the continuation of a secret tradition.

St. John Tradewinds hadn’t heard of it before, either.

“What a great idea,” said one island businesswoman.

Although she wasn’t sure it was even meant for her when left at her office door, the recent recipient of the dreadlocked conch was already concerned about her lack of creativity and the pressure of designing her own conch to pass on to another deserving islander.

You’ve Been Conched!

“You could be a local,
or a local wanna be.
But I bet you think like me
you have a love affair with ’de sea!

So kindly accept this conch,
and display him proudly on a shelf,
then go get creative & make one by yourself!

Fix it and bling it to be a fancy shell,
then find a home where he’ll be treated well.

Keep this island secret, don’t spoil the surprise.
Go on a “sneak about” maybe in disguise!

A St. John tradition we hope it to be.
Everyone wants one, this you’ll see!

Now… Go Spread ’De Love!