Young Author Series: Lily in Wonderland

This is the fourth and final installment of Tradewinds’ “Young Authors” series featuring Lily in Wonderland. Interested in being featured as the next young author, please email

By Scout
Age: 14

I walked a short while until I found the willow tree of which the grinning cat had spoken. I then followed the instructions he had given me. I said my destination seven times, “Corbath’s Cave.” Then I turned around three times. And just like that I was no longer in Estate Jasmine, I was standing outside of a chamber of rock.

There was no sign of any life within miles of this grey, barren country. I stepped inside and immediately noticed the smell of something horribly vile. In a cage, I saw little girls’ bodies piled upon each other. I realized I was smelling rotting flesh. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I have no idea who Corbath is and I have no intention of meeting him. I told myself. I do not know how long I ran through that dark, dismal, domain. I only stopped running when I saw a tree with a caterpillar munching on its leaves. What should I do now? I asked myself.

I suppose the thing to do is to get out of this accursed place. This is now way too dangerous. I do not know where the tree is though, so how will I get home? How did this happen? Alice never saw anything this gruesome had she?
Suddenly an old woman appeared from out of some bushes.
“Hello, my name is Gretel.” she said. “ You need to get off of this land as fast as you can. A horrible wizard named Corbath lives here. He kills innocent girls to feed to his vicious dragon. You must come with me, I will take you to safety.”
I followed her down a winding path full of prickers and brambles, until we came to the willow tree once more. “Quickly!” She begged. “ Leave here now!”

I hesitated. Do I really want to go back? I could live here and just never go to Corbath’s land. I hate living in a world without magic. Gretel must have been reading my thoughts because she said, “ Do not despair Lily, yes I know your name, I am a prophet. There is magic where you come from, only the most wise and thoughtful know where to find it though. Just look around and you will see it all.”
I smiled bravely and went through the willow tree, and the next thing I knew, I was in my garden and Alice was calling me. “Have you really been out there this long?” She called. “ What could possibly be out here?”

“Oh there’s loads of stuff out here Alice! And if you will excuse me I have more to do.” She went in the house.

I climbed the tallest tree I could find, where I found some fairies playing. I played with them for a while. I glanced at the branch near me to see the grinning cat. He winked at me and I winked at him. For we both knew that our “two” worlds were the same; as long as you believe the magical creatures are there you will see them.

And I know that I will not forget when I am older because I will always be amazed with everything this world can do. Never become used to anything, or you might just miss everything.