Young Employee Gives Sirenusa Support

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Kaleel Cagan, a 20 year  old native St. Johnian, who supports the Sirenusa development. This project employs young Virgin Islanders like myself and helps better the community in many ways.

I have witnessed Sirenusa help Elroy Henley complete his home at no expense as it was built in their exit. I have witnessed the owners supply Sandra Kelly, who supports four children and grandchildren, with a car when hers was mashed up and a food van so she could make money by feeding workers. I have witnessed the amount of local heavy equipment operators and truck drivers making a living there. I have witnessed the generosity of Carlo and Geno as they pay people more to the get the best. I have witnessed a close childhood friend and relatives working at the site. I have witnessed the generosity of the developers who interact with employees, which is rare to see at any jobsite…I urge the community to support Sirenusa because this project is helping St. John in many ways.

Kaleel Cagan, Gifft Hill, St. John