Governor deJongh Shows Respect

To the Governor, to the Senators, and to Mr. Marzano,

To Governor deJongh, sir you have so far shown your dedication and respect to the people of Virgin Islands and more specifically on St. John. You are to be commended.

To Senator Hill, enormous respect to stand alone in the face of total opposition. You are a shining example of integrity and courage.

To Senator James (if he follows through on his conviction), thank you for your own source of courage and integrity.

For the other Senators, (and I hope there are at leaset three of you), please follow your sense of morality and duty, and not the path of politic persuasion.

To Senator Wesselhoft, after being in office such a short period of time, what a pity you duped on your loyal constiuents. However, you still have a chance to reconcile your abandonment of duty. I hope you can find your own path to this reconciliation.

To Mr. Marzano, I would say he should be ashamed of his total disrespect for his fellow Virgins Islanders, and total disregard to his neighbors.

After what is clearly a rejection of all the governing bodies and laws: zoning, DPNR, legal counsel, a mandate of the people of St. John, and now possibly a rejection of the governor, I would say there is something fishy going on.

You know, when something stinks, it is ususally because there is something rotten nearby.

If the senators have the audacity to overide the Governor’s Veto, I hope he will have the conviction to order an investigation into (the majority of) the senators’ suspicious behavior.

Name Witheld by Request