Caribbean Climate Network’s Action for Adaptation Calls for Public Activism

Stumpy Bay is a secluded beach on the west end of St. Thomas. (Source photo by Bethaney Lee)

During Oct. 1-8, climate activists from various Caribbean countries will mobilize to call attention to the urgent need for governments to take adaptation measures that keep communities safe.

Action for Adaptation is an event organized by the Caribbean Climate Network (CCN) and partnering organizations and individuals across the region. For this initiative, activists will be hosting a range of events such as conferences, discussion spaces, art events, movie showings and more.

In the face of climate change, more and more people are concerned about the effects they are already seeing in their daily lives. From drought to sea level rise, the Caribbean is at the forefront of this moment in history and many people are concerned about the safety of their communities’ infrastructure when the next climate disaster happens.  For this reason, the Caribbean Climate Network is mobilizing to support activists who want to ensure that their countries adopt the necessary measures that will protect lives and property in the coming years.

“The time to start adapting was yesterday, but to adapt effectively takes time. Planning ahead to actually accomplish an action and organizing something larger than you would usually do takes a lot of work, and Caribbean Climate Network is helping you with your action, and joining it with actions around the region, amplifying the effects of the community on the whole. This is the real difference.” – Katrina Khan-Roberts, CCN member in Trinidad and Tobago

“The effects of climate change are present now more than ever in our daily lives. Yet, our Caribbean voices continue to be drowned out and ignored by our own leaders. The week of action is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to take a stand and raise our voices together, LOUDER, so that there’s no way we can be ignored anymore.” – Afeefa Richardson, CCN member in Guyana

People from all over the Caribbean are invited to host a local event or participate in one happening near them. Those interested can register at the Caribbean Climate Network’s website. Activists will not only lead events during this week of action but will receive direct support from CCN in the planning process and in future local initiatives.

“Caribbean activists are incredibly talented and are very dedicated to building a safer world. We fully believe in their power, which is why we work to support their initiatives and help them elevate their leadership and talents to the next level,” said Amira Odeh, from Puerto Rico,  Caribbean Climate Network founder.

The Caribbean Climate Network is part of, a global organization dedicated to fighting climate change and building clean energy for all. has teams all over the world and has achieved major wins like fighting against pipelines and supporting youth during the thousands of Climate Strikes events in September 2019.