Gifft Hill School Announces Service Learning Trip to Uganda

The twelve Gifft Hill School students traveling to Uganda next Spring accompanied by Jill Siska, Assistant to the Head of School (top left) and Liz Kinsella, Curriculum Director and Language Arts teach, (second row from the top on the right). Photo courtesy of Gifft Hill School. [hr gap=”1″]

Gifft Hill School is pleased to announce that the following 12 students will be traveling on a service learning trip to Uganda in Spring 2017: Lily Francis, Liliana Farrell, Mya Weingarten, Evan Jones, Landis Wallace, Soleil Gessner, Liliana Martinez, Maya DiGiacomo, Lunique Henley, Mirisa Clendinen, Aysha Clendinen, and Emily Murrill. They are looking forward to acting as ambassadors for Gifft Hill School and the Virgin Islands. While in Uganda, students will visit the National Museum in Kampala where they will learn about Uganda’s history. They will attend a performance of traditional Ugandan songs and dances by the Ndere Orphanage Troupe. Students will then travel to the Kamuli District and visit our sister school, Namasagali Primary. There they will complete a service project in the Namasagali School gardens, tour local villages, shadow local students, and join in a pen-pal reunion. Following their time in the Kamuli district, students will spend 3 days exploring native flora and fauna at the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Every student participating is working to contribute to the cost of this trip. If any interested community members would like to hire one of these motivated students for babysitting, yard-work, clerical help, or other small jobs, please contact Molly Murrill in the GHS Advancement Office.

As a strong-standing member of the National Association of Independent Schools, Gifft Hill School provides high-quality educational programming to over 170 students in preschool through 12th grade on the island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

For more information, contact Molly Murrill at 340-776-1735 or