A Government the U.S. Virgin Islands Needs and Deserves

By David F. Obando

For more than a decade and a half, the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands have not had a very good experience as it relates to our government. Unfortunately, this trend has been taking place for such a long time that it seems as though we the people have grown to accept this trend in our government as the norm.

Even worse, we the people no longer have a genuine expectation for a better government. We desire it, but we do not expect that it will ever happen. For that reason, many have voluntarily relinquished their right to vote. They have become convinced that nothing is going to change. Why vote, if it is going to be the same old thing administration after administration.

I just want to share with you my thoughts on the type of government the U.S. Virgin Islands need and deserves.

Sadly, some may find some of the points outlined here as unrealistic, unattainable, and far-fetched. Nevertheless, I hope this will spark or awaken something within us that will renew our expectations and motivate us to not settle for anything less.

A government that the U.S. Virgin Islands NEED and DESERVE

– A government that is responsible and willing to be held accountable for its decisions.

– A government that has earned the respect and regains the trust of its people.

– A government whose priority is the welfare, safety, health, and future of its people.

– A government that is transparent, honest, fair, and handles its affairs with integrity.

– A government that hates dishonest scales, who treats everyone with equality, shows no favoritism, and who does not take into account the color of one’s skin or the language one speaks.

– A government that does not look at its Senior Citizens as a burden or treat them with indifference, but instead, respects them, honors them, and treats them with dignity.

– A government that holds all of its agencies accountable and requires them to provide the people with the highest standard of A-plus customer service.

– A government that upholds and adheres to a high standard of integrity and morality.

– A government that keeps its promises and refuses to be recognized by its people as corrupt, irresponsible, inconsiderate, and incapable of delivering.

– A government that pays its people what is due to them in a timely manner, the same way it requires its people to pay what is due to the government in a timely manner.

– A government that doesn’t only think on today and the now, but works on bettering our today while striving towards a brighter tomorrow.

– A government that makes its young people feel that their government has high expectations of them, and as a result it invests in the young people’s development and educational progress.

– A government that does not make a financial decision before thoroughly examining how said decision will affect the livelihood of its society.

– A government that does not show an attitude of indifference towards its people’s pocket, just because their pocket is nice and full.

– A government that understands the needs of its people and the challenges that threaten the living condition of its people.

– A government that is there to serve the people and not be served by the people.

– A government that will not require its people to take a cut in pay, but in the event circumstances get so bad that it inevitably necessitates a cut in pay, said cut will start with the elected officials first, because its governmental leaders (elected officials) understand that they are there for its people, to serve its people, and to put its people first.

– A government that leads its people by example and positive actions, not just words.

This is the type of government the U.S. Virgin Islands NEED and DESERVE.

David F. Obando is pastor of Iglesia de Dios, Estrella de la Mañana, on St. John and describes himself as an aspiring at-large senatorial candidate.