Hyllis Concepcion Walters Dies

Hyliss Concepcion Walters

With great sadness, the Walters family announces the Going Home of Hyllis Concepcion Walters, who passed away on Feb. 23.

Hyllis was preceded in death by her parents: Elaine and George Walters; sisters: Cecilia Walters-Smith, Celestine Belsijet and Helen Walters; and brothers: Juanito Walters Jr. and Richard Walters.

Her surviving family are her sons: Ricardo Walters, Emanuel Comacho and Juanito Chala’s; daughters: Kashesla Comacho, Chantel Michael and Shanniqua Michael-Alexzander.

Hyllis believed in life, and always knowing was to be celebrated. So, we take this time to celebrate the awesome and extraordinary life of Hyllis Concepcion Walters. The family and friends she left behind will hold memories of Hyllis forever in their hearts.

A Memorial Service for Hyllis Walters will be held on Friday, April 21, at Holy Family Church.