It’s Time To Do Something About Ferry Service

VIPA Executive Darlin Brin, Public Service Commission, Senators and Ferry Companies,

Isn’t there anyone connected with the V.I. Port Authority or the V.I. Government, or the ferry companies, who are interested enough to stop the craziness on the ferries?

I have been riding back and forth on a daily basis for the last 10 years, and I have watched the ride change from a relaxing trip to an extremely tense, frustrating, angry part of my day.

You have increased or allowed the rates to increase by almost 100 percent. It is time for you to provide better service. Is it too much to ask to have someone patrol the lines, to stop cutting, pushing and shoving?

The reason that people are so rude is because you allow it.

Are you going to wait until someone gets hurt before you act?

Some of the captains are very good with people, and some are not. The ones that are not, are part of the problem. Is there anyone in the ferry companies that can teach some manners?

For many years, I have listened to the recording that says, “don’t get up until the boat is docked and the captain says to.” I have never—not once—heard the caption say that it is O.K. to get up. If he did, consistently, people would learn what to do. Landing in Redhook is like a game. when the captain touches the dock people get up. If the captain has an attitude, he leaves the dock. If not, he docks the boat.

Greg Miller