Open forum: Governor, Give Us a Good Last Meal

Gov. Kenneth Mapp
Gov. Kenneth Mapp

Dear Source:

Dear Governor: Win or lose in politics, there is still the how will they remember me? Remember you got a great number of votes from St. Croix. There are still weeks remaining of your rule.

How will we remember you; it will be partly by what you do in the next weeks. The newly elected governor is a decent man. I know him, but he will return the power to St. Thomas, just look at the votes. It will be tempting to run away and hide these next weeks; please don’t.

Here are a few suggestions for you to get done this last month of your administration.
1- Get your Public Works Dept. out and fix all the pot holes on our Island; St. Thomas will be taken care with the next administration. The asphalt cost nothing, and you control the government work force; get them out there.
2- Grade the road to the Marina in Gallows Bay and the road north of Fredriksted. You have the machinery and can make them do it.
3- Get the dialysis unit open at the hospital. You have the trailers and can order them to get them going.
4- Do not let the GERS board do a behind closed doors deal with the sale of Carambola. You know there are other qualified buyers who have been kept from having their offers presented to the board. Stand up and demand that all offers be made public or at least made to the GERS Board. They are the sellers and like any seller they want to know who has the best offer. Don’t let a few give it away.

In all my years of sailing, we always told the cook on board that no matter what good food they served on the long voyage, it was the last meal served to crew that would be remembered and talked about. Give us a good last meal, and we will remember it always.

Bob White, St. Croix