Team JK Sailing Manny USA Wins TOTE Team Championships; 85 Junior Sailers Ready for Optimist Regatta

Tote Team Racng Winners (L to R): Amelia Woodworth, John Hartney, Joshua Wenokur, Ethan Wenokur, Coach Manny Resano. (Credit: Matias Capizzano)

Good starts, great speed and quick refocusing when coming from behind proved the successful strategy for Team JK Sailing Manny, from California, USA, which won the TOTE Team Racing Championship on Thursday. The championship is one of a trio of events sailed this week out of the St. Thomas Yacht Club (STYC) and were prefaced by the three-day TOTE Clinic and followed by the 30th International Optimist Regatta (IOR), Friday through Sunday.

Over a dozen teams of four sailors each participated in the TOTE Team Racing Championship. In exciting racing, the title came down to a best-of-three contest between two teams, Team JK Sailing Manny, with sailors Amelia Woodworth, John Hartney, Joshua Wenokur, and Ethan Wenokur, and Team USVI, with Audrey Zimmerman, Howard Zimmerman, Coby Fagan, and Emma Walters. Team JK Sailing Manny won the first race. The wind built and Team USVI won the second race. Going into the third race, the score stood 1-1 between the two teams.

Working well together as a team was one key to Team JK Sailing Manny’s win, says Woodworth.

Eighty-five 8- to 15-year-old sailors representing the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the U.S.A, France, Italy, and Argentina started the week by training in the three-day TOTE Clinic held June 12 to 14. Top local and international coaches ran the clinic.

Junior sailors at the Opening Ceremony in front of the St. Thomas Yacht Club. (Credit: Dean Barnes)

The clinic ended with a Volvo Ocean-style race, where sailors completed four legs around the east end of St. Thomas. The Hartney, from Team JK Sailing Manny, won the Volvo in the championship fleet.

The Volvo Ocean Race winner in the beginner Green Fleet was the USA’s Francisco Don from the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami, Florida.

The 30th IOR gets underway on Friday. The 85 junior sailors are represented by both Championship and Beginner fleets. The Championship fleet is divided into age groups: White (age 10 and under), Blue (ages 11 and 12), and Red (ages 13 to 15). The race committee plans to run 10-plus races over the next three days, depending on the weather.

The Awards Ceremony takes place on Sunday at 3 p.m. at STYC. Trophies will be awarded to the top five sailors in each fleet: Red (ages 13-15), Blue (ages 11-12), White (ages 10 and under), Green (beginners), and the top three sailors overall by score.

A Perpetual Trophy, introduced in 2017, is inscribed with the overall winner’s names from the past 29 years. Additional trophies include the Peter Ives’ Perpetual Trophy, Chuck Fuller Sportsmanship Award, and the perpetual Founders Trophy, awarded to the Top Female Sailor.

Strong Sponsor Support

Winners in the Red (ages 13-15), Blue (ages 11-12), and White (age 10 and under) fleets will receive signature Virgin Islands’-styled Lite Up Watches from Cardow Jewelers, each in coordinated Red, Blue, and White colors. Perfect for junior sailors, the kid-favorite timepieces are water-resistant and feature a silicon band, flashlight, light-up feature, and an outline of all three U.S. Virgin Islands on the face.

This year’s event will follow an eco-friendly theme. Sailors will be encouraged to recycle all plastic water bottles, keep all lunch bag wrappings out of the water, pick up any trash on shore, and accept drinks without straws.

For more information, call (408) 314-7119, or email: or for the Notice of Regatta (NOR), results and other information, visit the St. Thomas Yacht Club website at or Regatta Network: