Wesselhoft’s Vote Is Beyond Comprehension

Dear Ms. Wesselhoft,

By now you have to know the outrage of the people of St. John regarding your vote in favor of the Sirenusa re-zoning. How in good conscious you could ever vote in favor of this appeal knowing the feelings of the people of St. John and that this measure has twice been denied in local St. John meetings is beyond comprehension.  

You have completely disappointed and betrayed the people of St. John that you promised to represent. You said you would vote your conscious but what about voting to represent the people? You know in your heart that you have betrayed us all who put our trust in you to stop this project from further inflicting damage to our infrastructure.

In addition, how do you suppose our fire department with their limited equipment is ever going to be able to protect life and property of a four-story building when their equipment will only allow them to reach a maximum of two stories? We will be looking to you when the first person dies in a fire that can not be rescued in the upper two floors. Is this the legacy you want to leave behind?

You have proven yourself to have no conscience and, along with your co-conspirator, Celestino White, to be completely morally bankrupt. Your damage control press release of Thursday, April 19, claiming to want to sponsor a bill to temporarily limit any new development is like closing the barn door after all the horses have run off.

You have lost not only my respect but most of us on St. John and proven that you can no longer be trusted to represent the true interest of those of us that live on St. John. I don’t know how much you were paid to stab us in the back like you did but my only hope is that it keeps you awake every night until you set what you have done right.

Your press release today claiming to want to introduce a bill to temporarily halt major development smacks of trying to “close the barn door after all the horses have run off.” We here on St. John are not buying your lies any longer and demand that you explain your actions to the people of St. John immediately, not just issue a damage control press release.

With Much Disgust And Disdain,
John Francis
St. John, VI