Open Forum: How to Improve Customer Service

V.I. Office of Veterans Affairs (

I recently spent two weeks on the Big Island and experienced something that made me visit and personally thank one individual and upon my return with an e-mail to the Director of VI-Veterans Affairs.

What was that experience? it was outstanding customer service.

I suggested this individual should be conducting VI-wide lecturing to island businesses suffering from the lack of foot traffic to their storefronts. It was imperative to inform the director regarding how she superbly and professionally oversaw my short-fused request during a stressful event.

She did not require antiquated documents that even the Department of Homeland Security and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have deemed unnecessary when proving your identity and that includes undocumented individuals.

Additionally, she did not require my physical presence on the island before she could assist me. The latter cannot be overlooked because time was of the essence upon my arrival.

Based on my bittersweet experiences during my stay, certain V.I. businesses are lacking customer service-based mission and vision statements. Just a suggestion, but I highly recommend these businesses should be sending their employees to see Ms. Hewitt, so she can show them how to properly respond to customer requests.

Albert K. Gibbs, Germantown, Md.