Virtue of the Week – Steadfastness

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Virtue of the Week focuses on building peaceful and caring communities through understanding and fostering the practice of virtues. The Source supports the Virtues Project and will publish one virtue developed by the project each week.


Steadfastness is being steady, persevering and dependable. We remain true to purpose through whatever happens. Steadfastness grows whenever we rise to a challenge. It bolsters our will to keep going when life tests our resolve. We choose a direction, then keep a steady pace. We are faithful and enduring with those we love. We commit ourselves to something for however long it may take. We are like a strong ship in a storm. We don’t allow ourselves to be battered or blown off course. We hold on and ride the waves.

Quote: “Keep on keepin’ on” –African American Saying

Quote: “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” –Victor Hugo

The Practice of Steadfastness

I remain true to my purpose.

I pace myself.

I am faithful to my relationships.

I do not allow doubts or tests to blow me off course.

I take what comes and persevere.

I am thankful for the gift of steadfastness.  It gives me the strength to endure.

  • What do we need to be steadfast in our social justice work?
  • What commitments did we make in our community? What commitments are we making to strengthen our social justice work?
  • How is perseverance honored in our community?

How does steadfastness prepare us for our social justice work?

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